We want to thank you all for the huge interest in our MING x Massena LAB 17.09 watches.

We also want to apologize again for the difficulties experienced during our launch last week. The rush of a very large crowd, and the fact that many employed bots, in an attempt to disrupt the process, made the planned launch impossible.

As we announced last week, we have decided to allocate watches by a random draw. Individuals selected in this draw will have the right (but not the obligation) to buy one watch from the MING x Massena LAB 17.09 release of 50 honey dials or from the 150 black dials. Out of the same privacy concerns that we maintain for all clients of Massena LAB, we will not be making any public announcement of the names of winners that are selected in our drawing. We are making no representation about the number of names selected.

It is our intention to make this drawing as fair as possible.

To the best of our ability, we have removed both the duplicate and bot-generated email addresses from both the MING x Massena LAB Gmail sign-up list, and the launch-notification list that customers joined prior to the planned launch.

Both lists were then merged to create a single list and duplicate email addresses were removed. For those individuals who had signed up for launch-notifications before then applying to the drawing by contacting the Gmail account, your email from the launch-notification list was preserved and additional entries were discarded.

A sequential number was then assigned to each email address, and a random generator was employed to select a list of winning numbers.

While stock lasts, the first winners will have a choice of honey or black. Should a customer choose black over honey, or decline either color, a new, randomly generated number will be selected, and that individual will have the option to choose between the two colors.

Once our stock of honey is depleted, the remaining customers on the winners list will then be given the option to purchase the black dial or decline it.

Again, if a customer declines to purchase the black dial, a new slot will open for a new, randomly-chosen customer to have the chance to purchase the watch.

Customers who are contacted by Massena LAB by email will have 24 hours to confirm their intention to purchase the 17.09 MING x Massena LAB in the designated color.

Once confirmed, customers will receive an invoice for their purchase. Once the invoice is issued, customers will have 48 hours to make payment. If a customer fails to make payment within this period, they will be removed from the list of winners, and the random generator will be used to pick another customer instead.

We understand that the process is time-consuming, but it is our intention to make it as fair and thorough as possible. Every selected customer who makes a purchase will receive their watch in late July 2021.

Again, out of the same privacy concerns that we maintain for our clients of Massena LAB, we will not publish any names of customers that are selected. Their name will remain confidential as any regular customer. Furthermore, you will NOT be notified if you have NOT been selected. Only winning customers will be contacted.

We want to be diligent and fair. We anticipate that the process will be slow, and we will contact each customer individually for each step and wait for payment for 48 hours. We expect the end of this sale to be Tuesday, June 1. If you have not received an email from Massena LAB by June 1, it is safe to assume that your name was not selected.

Thank you for your patience and good luck!
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